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Youth Athlete Development

Objective It’s our main objective to teach and educate young athletes on proper movement patterns and mechanics as it pertains to their individual athletic development. Until we feel that an athlete is advanced enough in all movement parameters, we consider them to be in a general preparation phase. This 10 week program ... More

Summer Speed Camp

June 17th - August 23rd (Off July 5th)10 Weeks - $50020 sessions - 2 Workouts per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 2:45 pm - 3:45 pmAges 13-18 Pulling away from the defense on your way to the endzone, running down a fastbreak for a last second blocked shot, legging out a double or going first to third on a routine single, and ... More

TAP Online Training is Here

Live outside of the Madison area and can’t make it to Total Athlete Performance for our semi-private training? TAP is now offering online training to athletes willing to work and put in the time to better themselves on their own. Our individualized training programs along with instructional videos of every exercise will ... More

Welcome to TAP TALK

Welcome to TAP TALK! This section will provide weekly articles and discussions that give athletes useful information they can apply to their daily lives, training routines, sport specific training, recovery, and a wide variety of sports performance topics.  This is TAP’s way of providing athletes with the most up to ... More

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