Controllable Recovery Factors

These 3 factors are CRUCIAL to recovery, and are unique in the fact that they are 100% CONTROLLABLE. These cannot afford to be missed at any capacity throughout your training program, and there should be no excuse to lose track of them.

SLEEP: This is the most important time to recover. Sufficient levels of sleep helps provide hormonal balance, mental health, and muscular recovery. Everyone has individual needs based on their lifestyle, workouts, and genetic makeup. Find what works for you!

HYDRATION: An adequate amount of water is critical to performance, energy, recovery, and overall health. We tend to be attentive on game days and during competition, but staying aware during training and recovery times can make just as large of an impact. Water helps all functions, including lowering stress to the heart, and nutrient uptake.

MOBILITY/STRETCHING/MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Everyone needs enough flexibility/mobility/myofascial release in order to move and remain pain free. Identify tight areas and address them. Use dynamic stretching and mobility protocols for your warm-ups, and save static stretching for after. Attempt to include a variety of stretching exercises and don’t catch yourself using the exact same stretches that you’ve always done! One of the biggest areas to address that a lot of people miss on is myofascial release. Find areas of “tightness” with a foam roller or a lacrosse ball and use simple techniques in order to release tension.

“Lengthen”: Roll up and down the length of the muscle fibers.

“Floss”: Find very sensitive areas and apply pressure. From there, flex and extend at the joints above and below the area to dive deeper into the fascia.

“Cross-Sectional”: Instead of rolling with the length of the muscle, roll side to side or across the fibers in the same areas of high tension.


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