In almost every competitive sport, rotary strength/stability not only plays a huge role in developing skills necessary to be successful, but also to preventing injury. Excessive rotation at the lumbar spine can lead to a plethora of serious injuries as well as a great deal of low back discomfort. The core muscles by design are stabilizers, not movers.

In a weight room setting, it is necessary to combat rotational sports with a great deal of ANTI-ROTATION work by utilizing multiple exercises (chops, holds, plank variations) in order to challenge our clients to RESIST rotation.

The goal of these exercises is to prevent this excessive rotation at the low back by engaging our our glutes, core, obliques, and many other stabilizers. Another incredible plus side we see with anti-rotation exercises is the ability to disassociate our upper body from our lower half (which is necessary skill demonstrated in almost all sports).

You wouldn’t want to fly on plane with a pilot that has never learned how to land. Same reason as to why you SHOULDN’T perform thousands and thousands of rotational sporting reps without knowing how to RESIST them!