You shouldn’t have to pay to find out what will make you a better athlete!

Every person has the opportunity to schedule a FREE 45 Minute Assessment with one of our coaches at either our GRB or Verona locations.

Through applied science, all of our athletes go through a FREE detailed assessment. Our assessment takes a look at musculoskeletal measurements along with an extensive movement and strength analysis in order to find any motor pattern dysfunctions or asymmetries.

After careful overview of their assessment, our training programs are designed on an individual basis. The first priority for all athletes is to improve postural and motor pattern imbalances through corrective exercises provided by our coaches. Each athlete’s unique program will be monitored and coached in its entirety to minimize the risk of injury. Our all encompassing programs are developed for athletes ranging from youth to professional. Based on the athlete’s current sport and season, each program will focus on developing and improving the following:

  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Core Stability
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Building)
  • Strength
  • Landing and Jumping Technique
  • Power/Explosiveness
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Mechanics
  • Reactive Agility and First Step Quickness
  • Sport Specific Conditioning

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